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All-inclusive, custom-designed rooms from start to finish. Beginning with an in-home consultation, the team at Lee Owens Design will work closely with you to create a space that fits your needs and aesthetic.

Troy Home


Lee Owens is an interior designer specializing in upscale residential and is quickly developing a reputation for creating fresh, timeless interiors that her clients love to live in. Lee’s background in commercial interiors and hospitality design sets her apart and her growing clientele is drawn to her comprehensive approach when designing a home’s interior that goes beyond decorating. Lee’s keen eye for color, pattern and spatial play results in bespoke, curated interiors that reflect her clients' personalities.


Having been raised by an interior decorator mom and architect dad, Lee was surrounded by an appreciation for art, travel, and of course, home design. She has childhood memories of setting up her own workspace next to her father's drafting table, borrowing a large sheet of graph paper and sketching what she called "bird's eye views" of make-believe living rooms. We now know these were her earliest furniture floor plans.

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